Volume 1 Issue 1

Vol. 1

250 pages 0 0
"Not only is costumed crimefighter ""Empowered"" saddled with a less-than-ideal superhero name, but she wears a skintigh… read more

Volume 1 Issue 2

Vol. 2

210 pages 0 0
"Empowered returns for further misadventures, as a distress-prone girl wonder struggles with life on the superheroic C-l… read more

Volume 1 Issue 3

Vol. 3

209 pages 0 0
"As if life as an often-struggling superheroine weren't already hard enough, now costumed crimefighter ""Empowered"" dis… read more

Volume 1 Issue 4

Vol. 4

208 pages 0 0
"Costumed crimefighter Empowered is briefly overjoyed to find herself in the running for one of the superhero community'… read more

Volume 1 Issue 5

Vol. 5

209 pages 0 0
"After saving much of the superhero community from certain doom, costumed crime fighter Empowered is dismayed to find th… read more